Thursday, 2 November 2006

A nursery school teacher says to her class, "Who can use the word 'definitely' in a sentence?"

First a little girl says, "The sky is definitely blue."

The teacher says, "Sorry Amy, but the sky can be grey or orange depending on the weather."

Second a little boy says, "Trees are definitely green." "

Sorry, but in the autumn many trees are gold or brown," said the teacher.

Third a Little Johhny in the back of the class says, "Does a fart have lumps?"

The teacher looks horrified and says, "Johnny! That's disgusting. Of course not!!!"

"OK ... then I definitely have shit in my pants," said Johnny.

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" You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses. -Ziggy "

Stephen's Snaps

This week Gerbra & Rose photos.

Simply nice photos, Landscape, Seascape, Underwater, The Northern Beaches Sydney.

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